Rules and Regulations

Class Attendance:

A student is expected to attend all classes in each course. However, the following rules are set for attendance to further ease the process:

  • A student would be required to attend at least 75% of classes in a course in order to sit for the Final Exam without penalty.
  • A student having class attendance of 60% – 74% (in a course) may be allowed to sit for the examination on payment of a penalty of Tk. 1000 (One Thousand) for that course.
  • A student having less than 60% class attendance will not be allowed to sit for the examination.

Internship for DUMS (06 Months after the final professional exam):

The College On successful completion of their program, students need to undergo an internship for a period of 06 (Six) Months in designated hospitals/clinics.

Campus Outfit for Students:

  • Students are advised to put on clean and decent dresses as a proud student of Rawshan Jahan Eastern Medical College and Hospital
  • All students must carry in person the College ID card while on campus.
  • Students must not wear half/ three-quarter pants, full-face veil or sponge slippers

Library Use:

Students are advised to strictly observe the following code of conduct while using the library facilities of the College:

  • Students must observe silence while in the library. All sorts of non-academic discussions and making unnecessary noise must be avoided.
  • Keep all the library belongings in order and arrange the chairs before leaving.
  • Eating and drinking inside the library are strictly prohibited.
  • Use the books and other reading materials carefully.
  • Students found hiding or stealing books and/ or other library materials, tearing out pages of books/ journals would be subject to punishment as per the guidelines of the code of conduct.
  • Students can borrow books from the library against their library cards and return them in good condition. If a book is not in good condition, the librarian may ask the student to pay for the book or to replace it.

Violation of Discipline

Students of Rawshan Jahan Eastern Medical College and Hospital are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the College. Violation of any rules and/ or regulations by any student may result in committing an offense as determined by the Disciplinary Committee of the College. Furthermore, the College reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the rules and regulations of Rawshan Jahan Eastern Medical College and Hospital.