Mission and Vision



Rawshan Jahan Eastern Medical College and Hospital envisions fostering national development by establishing an excellent higher education institution in Eastern System of Medicine (Unani and Ayurvedic) responsive to society’s needs and being able to develop capable Unani Doctors to serve the nation for the better benefit of the common people of the society.


The Mission of this institution is to:

  • To Preserve & promote the Eastern System of Medicine as a Science;
  • To produce knowledgeable, professionally sound and enlightened individuals as a Unani doctor able to contribute their share to the national and global development and  serve people selflessly;
  • To teach & Publicize the principles of health, hygiene & medical science to establish the principles of pharmacy, its furtherance & standardization;
  • Employ and retain capable, competent and renowned Teaching and Research staff to conduct educational as well as research programs of international standard at undergraduate level; and
  • Provide high standard of education and research in Eastern System of Medicine (Unani and Ayurvedic) for better healthcare of the people by holistic treatment.