College Harberium

  • Laboratory Facilities for DUMS & BUMS (Proposed) Students 

Well equipped laboratories like Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology and Parasitology, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Herbarium and Pharmacognosy and dedicated research laboratories are being devoted to the students and teachers for contentious learning.  Apart from Diploma education, Institutions is conducting clinical and experimental research in the field.

  • Auditorium

There is an auditorium of 280 (Two hundred eighty) seat capacity on the 1st floor of the academic building.

  • Prayer Rooms

There are separate prayer rooms for women and men on the 3rd floor of the eastern wing of the building. A central mosque of the College will be built at its allocated place according to the Master Plan.

  • Sports Facilities

The vast campus is gradually allocating space for important and popular sports such as football, cricket, hockey, volleyball, basketball, badminton, etc. Undoubtedly, completion of the project will provide greater facilities for sports and other recreational activities.

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  • Students’ Common Room and Indoor Games

Two separate common rooms for girls and boys have been designated with basic facilities including indoor games such as carom, table tennis and ludo. Gradually, there will be equipped with more indoor games facilities in the campus.

  • Hostel Facilities

Hostel facilities for girls and boys will be established separately in the campus very soon. At present, students are coming from around the areas.

  • Medical Facilities

The institution has vast sprawling campus and beautiful infrastructure. A 10 (Ten) bedded indoor hospital for the treatment of patients; research and clinical training of the students are already there in the campus. Very soon it will be upgraded to 30 (Thirty) bedded hospital as per the Govt. policy. More than 50 patients are attending at the various OPD’s of the College Hospital which has the facility for specialized Unani treatment. Large number of patients suffering from neurological disorders, arthritis and immune-related disorders, skin diseases, piles & fistula in Ano rectal complication are treated in this hospital. The College Health Centre started working as a medical care unit since 1990 for students. Soon, the facility for consultation and lab investigation will be extended to people residing in surrounding area. The Centre is providing comprehensive health care (i.e., preventive, curative and primitive) services under one roof to students only. There is a dispensary for the College employees. There is a provision for medical check-up for the students of the College. The Medical Center organise free medical camp for the poor patients on National days. In addition to providing services to the stakeholders, free treatment and medicines (at a nominal cost) are also dispensed to low-income people of the nearby areas.

College Laboratory

  • Herbal Garden

A well established Herbal /Botanical garden is there in the college campus for teaching and training of the students. There are about 201 species and over 5000 in number of herbs in this garden. This exclusive garden is being supervised and maintained by the Department of Pharmacology. The garden covers an area of 86,800 sq feet (Approximately). Gradually, about 300 types of plants and herbs will be planted and grown in the garden. There are 280 specimens in Herbarium.

  • Student Activities

The College encourages co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the students. Teachers have been designated to facilitate student activities—social, cultural, and indoor and outdoor sports. Events such as cricket and football matches, anniversaries, National days, etc. are taking place on a regular basis with whole-hearted participation of Teachers, officers and staffs.